About Us


Valley-Bay Therapy, Inc. is an established therapy provider.  Valley-Bay Therapy, Inc. rehabilitation services work with patients, their families or other support systems to ensure a successful transition to home or any other appropriate discharge environment. Valley-Bay accomplishes this by utilizing “evidence-based” clinical solutions in conjunction with highly skilled therapists to treat a broader patient population and drive therapy caseload in skilled nursing facilities.  Our therapists use the tools and skills needed to treat a more diverse range of patients and conditions.  We treat pain – we do not just manage it.with a twenty-five year history in the Fox Valley and surrounding areas.   Valley-Bay specializes in geriatric rehabilitation in skilled care facilities.  Our highly qualified and compassionate therapists provide a full spectrum of Occupational, Physical and Speech therapy options to several facilities in the surrounding area.  Our all-encompassing approach allows us to fully meet and adapt to client needs on a daily basis.

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