Bathroom Safety

Almost one-third (30 percent) of adults 65 and above who were injured in bathrooms were diagnosed with fractures. Among adults aged 85 and older, 38 percent were hospitalized as a result of their injuries.

According to the full CDC report (issued June 10, 2011):

  • The riskiest activities (nearly 2/3 of bathroom injuries) are showering, bathing, or exiting afterwards.
  • Falls can occur when entering the tub–but just 2% of bathroom injuries.
  • Women (64.3%) were more likely to be injured than men (35.7%).
  • 14% of reported bathroom injuries occurred when rising from the toilet or descending onto it. But when persons 65 and older were isolated, the rate of toilet-related injury was between 19% and 37% of bathroom injuries.

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