Benefits of Volunteering

More seniors are directing their interests and talents to volunteer opportunities. They are discovering great fulfillment and purpose in helping others, and helping themselves in the process!  In fact, recent study shows, retirees over 65 who volunteer are living to an older age compared to their peers who do not volunteer.

The Health Benefits of Volunteering Include:

  • Volunteers have better social networks as they get out and interact with others
  • Social engagement results in reduced stress
  • Volunteering leads to a more active lifestyle—both physically and mentally—which reduces risk of chronic conditions, such as heart disease and depression
  • An active lifestyle also helps boost the body’s immune system, protecting against infection and illness
  • Volunteering builds self-confidence, self-worth and self-identity and proves to seniors and others that they still have much to offer

More than 26 million senior citizens in the U.S. have already discovered the rewards of volunteering.  For those who have difficulty getting out, volunteer organizations offer opportunities that seniors can do at home. These include knitting blankets for a fund-raising sale or to give to nursing home residents, cooking meals for church members who have just returned home from the hospital, or stuffing envelopes for a mailing.

The opportunities are practically endless. Schools, nonprofit organizations, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, animal shelters and even businesses all welcome volunteer help and value seniors’ experience. With so many ways to give to others and receive health benefits in return what is stopping you?!

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