Heart Failure Under 60

Congestive heart failure is the most common diagnosis in hospital patients 65 and older, but it may come as a surprise to learn that more than 1 million of the 5 million Americans suffering from congestive heart failure are under the age of 60, and some even have symptoms decades earlier. Early diagnosis can make all the difference.

Most of the time, congestive heart failure is a disease of people who are over 65, but not always, because congestive heart failure is present in two percent of all Americans ages 40 to 59. Experts say those numbers have been steadily on the rise.

That’s why doctors say everyone should know the symptoms. These include coughing, shortness of breath, fatigue, difficulty exercising, and difficulty sleeping.

Small dietary changes can make a large difference; such as reducing salt intake.  One single teaspoon of salt, this is the maximum daily intake recommended for healthy people.

Researchers say there are about half a million congestive heart failure cases each year. Half of those patients are hospitalized again within 6 months.

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