Our History

Valley-Bay Therapy, Inc. was founded by co-owners, Randy and Jill Bricco in 1987.  We are a locally owned and managed therapy company.  Our focus has remained on providing quality, cutting-edge therapy to the geriatric population for nearly 30yrears.

In the time since Valley-Bay was founded, Randy and Jill have focused the company’s core values around bringing together a group of highly skilled and kindhearted Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists that share their propensity for serving the geriatric population.  Our staff consists of a strong, cohesive group of therapists who are dedicated to Valley-Bay Therapy and the services we provide to the Fox-Valley and surrounding areas. Valley-Bay prides itself on constant improvement and growth.  Our therapists practice innovative, evidence-based techniques and utilize the most advanced modalities available.  Our clinical superiority gives us the advantage of maintaining a consistent therapy staff, allowing us to provide fully staffed departments dedicated to a facility. Each program is built in accordance with the individual needs of the facility we serve.

Valley-Bay has always hinged on the understanding success as a business is realized through the knowledge that each employee is an integral and important piece of the organization as a whole. As such, each staff member is treated with an attitude of respect and gratitude for their contributions to the company. In turn, the Valley-Bay staff consistently goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the business. This has enabled Valley-Bay therapy to form successful and long-lasting partnerships with the facilities in which they operate. Valley-Bay’s ultimate goal is to provide exemplary care with a “personal touch” to patients and their families. The rehab family at Valley-Bay Therapy strives to ensure the most positive outcome possible for our patients.

The ultimate goal is to enable our patients to return to their normal daily activities as quickly as possible!

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