LSVT Big and Loud Success

We are beyond excited about offering LSVT Big & Loud!

The success story of Charles taken from LSVT Global shows how amazing this program is!


“My name is Charles William Hibler. We met in St Louis in October of last year at the Patient Lecture….I was the first one to sign in….assigned the Patient # 01.

You may not remember me. In any case you are not aware of my story. Live in Southeast Missouri, had PD for 8 yrs…symptoms had progressed to where I was in big trouble. Could not arise from a chair if it did not have arms…..walking was a major hassle…Doctor has recommended a walker. Could barely exit a car, etc. Had the great good fortune to get involved the Steven Logel PT who is certified in LSVT BIG at St Francis Medical Center, Cape Girardeau. MO.

Completed Physical Therapy….LSVT Big has changed my life…can free walk, arise from any armless chair, in or out of a car in a flash….the impact on my life is beyond a miracle.

I continue with Steve for a correction every six to eight weeks.

I am enthusiastic about BIG…..hope all PD patients are given a chance to benefit from BIG.

Bottom Line…..LSVT BIG:
From my point of view (looking at the world of Parkinson’s symptoms involving diminished control) learning alternative ways to control motor functions IS JUST INCREDIBLE…..what a blessing…..continues to have major impacts on my life.”

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