Occupational Therapy

The goal of occupational therapy is to increase independence in activities and daily living including: dressing, bathing, personal care, eating and homemaking. Our therapists provide specialized and individualized assistance in learning or relearning skills. They provide adaptive equipment, teach compensatory techniques, fabricate custom splints, evaluate for specialized seating needs, and provide home environment assessments prior to discharge.

Conditions Treated

               •   Contractures                                               •   Parkinson’s Disease                                               •   Arthritis                                                          •   Joint Replacements                                     •   Strokes                                                                   •   Neuromuscular Diseases                                •   Dementia                                                     •   Coordination Loss                                                  •   Multiple Sclerosis                                            •   Psycho-Social Conditions Including: Depression, Coping Skills, Stress, Psychosis, Etc.

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