Physical Therapy

The goal of our Physical Therapists is to improve walking and general mobility by increasing strength, mobility, range of motion, balance and coordination.  Our Physical Therapists provide assistive devices, eliminate or reduce pain, promote wound healing and facilitate a return to home or work setting by performing an assessment of the environment prior to discharge.

Conditions Treated

                               •   Arthritis                                                •   Burns                                                     •   Lymphedema

                               •   Brain Injury                                          •   Muscle & Joint Pain                                •   Restricted Range of Motion

                               •   Strokes                                                •   Coordination & Balance                         •   Amputation

                               •   Parkinson’s Disease                            •   Osteoporosis                                          •   Obesity


                               •    Ultrasounds            •      Electro Modalities          •      Heat/Cold Therapies          •      Whirlpool Treatments

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