Staff Testimonials

“I have been with Valley-Bay for 17 years.  I have worked in a variety of capacities with the company.  Each position has allowed me great autonomy in my treatment and program development as an occupational therapist.  Management supports staff in our pursuit of new treatment options and techniques.  Because Valley-Bay is a locally owned and operated company, the relationship between management and staff is a personal one.  We are cared about as individuals, not just as an employee or a number.”
— Mary Ellen, OTR

“I have been an occupational therapist with Valley-Bay Therapy since their beginning years with the exception of a couple leave of absences to spend more time with my family. I have witnessed many changes over the years with the ever-changing health care industry, but one thing that has stayed consistent is their commitment to quality care. They are up to date with the most current techniques and strongly encourage professional growth in areas that are of interest to me. Always open to ways of advancing and improving our care, I have had great support with implementing new ideas.  Their expectations of productivity are realistic and ethical, and they work hard to accommodate a flexible schedule that fits my needs along with the needs of the  facility’s.  I highly recommend considering Valley-Bay Therapy as a career choice whether you are a recent graduate or a highly experienced therapist looking for a truly invaluable experience.”

— Suzanne, OTR

“I have worked for Valley Bay Therapy for over 8 years as a Registered Occupational Therapist.  What I like best about VBT is the employee centered philosophy. They acknowledge each therapist as an individual while attempting to utilize their strengths and interests in servicing each facility and their needs. VBT does an excellent job at building a cohesive interdisciplinary team. VBT has attainable efficiency requirements, generous pay and benefits, and a relaxed work environment.” – Carrie, OTR

“I have been working with Valley-Bay for five years and I have loved my experience. Valley-Bay was my first employer after getting my Occupational Therapy degree and they have provided a great foundation for building my skills as a therapist.  I enjoy working for a small company where you can really learn from your fellow employees. Being a part of a therapy team in a skilled nursing facility is extremely rewarding. Working in the geriatric field is challenging, fun, and full of variety.” – Holly, OTR

“I have experience working with individuals of all ages, but take special interest in the geriatric population. This interest led me to Valley-Bay Therapy. I have had the pleasure of working as a speech-language pathologist for Valley-Bay Therapy for the past two years.  I have been impressed with Valley Bay’s commitment in creating a cohesive team between their therapists and the long-term facilities with which they contract. The owners and management team members regularly visit facilities, keeping lines of communication open among all employees. They also help to provide further education and training as needed, whether on-site or through further continuing education opportunities.  The entire staff at Valley-Bay is supportive, team-oriented, driven, and knowledgeable, making working environments pleasant and focused. Valley Bay works to show their employees that they are respected, valued, and appreciated, a trait that is hard to find among companies these days.”  – Elizabeth, SLP

“I have been working for Valley Bay Therapy for almost 2 years after graduating from Physical Therapy school at UW -Milwaukee.  Valley Bay Therapy has been very accepting and supportive as a new graduate, which has made my transition from school to the working field a positive one.  I chose to work at this particular job for not only the great atmosphere and working environment, but also because I enjoy working with the geriatric population.  I get great satisfaction helping my patients achieve their goals such as walking independently again, or returning home safely.  Working for a smaller private company, like Valley Bay Therapy, has made me feel more appreciated as a physical therapist and has made me feel like a valued therapy team member.” – Kristina